In today’s busy world, cars play a significant role in daily life. Unfortunately, this means your chances of getting into a serious car accident are greatly increased. Whether it is as a bystander, biker, passenger, or another driver, injuries from accidents can be claimed from the negligent driver in court. The laws surrounding claims and the necessary pieces to build a case can be complex and difficult to navigate, so here are three important things to do and expect should you ever need to file a claim.

Immediately Following the Accident

It’s essential to gather key details from the scene of an accident in case you need them for later use. Never leave the scene and immediately call the police after checking to see if anyone is injured. Exchange information with everyone involved in the accident, but don’t say anything about the accident, particularly if fault is not clear, as this could be used in court. Take pictures of the car and any damages and call your insurance agency to inform them of the situation. Even talking to people who saw the accident can be useful as witness statements.

When to File a Claim

If you were injured by an accident that was not your fault, you should file a claim as soon as possible. Every state has a statute of limitations for how long you have to file before it is too late — typically between two to three years. If you wait two years after being injured, it is possible your claim will not be accepted, as evidence and witness statements are more concrete and clearer the closer they are from the accident date.

What You Need to Prove

When you file an injury claim, you are requesting to be compensated for damages that were caused solely by the faulty driver, and you must have a case to back it up. This is where all the information you gathered following the accident can come in handy, as it may contain evidence to support your claim. In court, not only do you have to prove the other driver was at fault, but you must also prove your injuries were caused by the accident, and that you’ve incurred medical bills, pain and suffering as a result. These are the damages that you are seeking money to cover.

Being injured in an accident at the negligence of another can seem frustratingly unfair, especially when you have to spend time and energy fighting for your rightful compensation. Consider talking to a car accident lawyer to better understand your options and ease some of the stress of making a claim.