Wrongful Death Attorney

Construction sites are dangerous places to work. In fact, even if you are just walking by a construction site and you do not have a job there you can put yourself in danger of falling debris or other items that could go flying. Because of how dangerous it is to work in a construction site, the construction workers and contractors who are employed there must go through a certain amount of training so that they know what kind of safety gear they need to wear on a daily basis and what safety measure they must take before operating certain machinery. Even with the highest level of care, though, it is still possible for accidents to occur. Some of these may result in death. If your loved one died as a result of a construction accident at work, please seek help from a lawyer, like a wrongful death attorney in Longwood, FL .

What are the most common ways construction workers die?

When you had a loved one who was dedicated to the job, you may be surprised that they died from it. Although it is true that working construction is not the safest job, your loved one may have been a particularly careful person who followed safety procedures every single day. However, someone else’s negligence, horseplay, or intentional actions could have caused your loved one’s death. In other instances, it may have simply been an accident. Some of the most common ways men and women die in construction accidents are:

  • Falling from heights
  • Being hit by an object
  • Being electrocuted

What are we looking for when it comes to filing a wrongful death suit?

There are certain factors of a wrongful death lawsuit that we will be looking for when it comes to determining how your loved one died.

  1. Your loved one died at the construction site and their death was the result of another person’s negligence. 
  2. Your loved one (the construction worker) has a surviving family.
  3. Because your loved one died, you and/or others in your family suffered certain losses
  4. Because you suffered from these losses, you and/or your family should be compensated. 

It is also possible to file what is known as a “survivor action.” When you do this, you and your family are stating that you lost something when your loved one died. It is not the same as a wrongful death lawsuit because you are not trying to get compensated for things like funeral or medical costs. Instead, you are hoping to receive compensation for personal losses like the loss of quality of life or the loss of love. 

Thanks to David & Philpot, PL for their insight into the wrongful death claim process.