After a bicycle accident, a rider can be confused about what steps to take next and may reach out to an attorney for help. They have handled a variety of personal injury accidents, and have what it takes to fight for victims who deserve fair restitution. They can imagine how a bicycle accident may have changed your life for the worse, such as having to endure painful physical injuries, mental trauma, and financial hardships. Here is a brief list of errors bicycle accident victims may unintentionally make, that can have a seriously negative impact on their claim and chances at receiving what they need to get better. 

Accepting a Settlement Too Soon

After reporting the accident to your insurance company, you may be offered a settlement in order to close the claim. Attorneys have seen how insurance companies offer victims way less than what they deserve, as a way to save the company money. Unfortunately, the victim may accept the settlement out of desperation for money to cover expenses, not realizing that they may deserve vastly more. You can trust a law firm to find out exactly how much you require to get better, and then fight relentlessly on your behalf.

Not Having Enough Evidence

Photographs, video, and witness statements can have a huge influence on a bicycle accident victim’s claim. If you walk away without gathering evidence, it may be cleaned up by a crew or lost forever. Then, you may not have as much to work with in proving that your injuries occurred because of the accident. Even if it seems obvious that your injuries are linked to the incident, remember that the driver’s insurance company may try to do everything they can to minimize and scrutinize your claim. 

Failing to Obtain a Police Report

Always call the police after a bike accident, whether you think you sustained injuries or not. An officer can write a report of the incident including facts and how the crash happened in your perspective. You can then request a copy of this report at a later date for your records. Having this document can be useful to your attorney as he or she investigates more in-depth. 

Not Documenting Injuries

Photograph visible injuries and go to the doctor. Then, request printed copies of medical documentation as a form of proof. If you do not have pictures, then it can be more difficult to show just how much your injuries interfered with your life. For example, if you just say that you fractured your leg your words may only carry so much weight. But, if you have a photograph of the fractured bone sticking out of your leg recently after the accident, then it is more challenging for the opposing insurance company to dispute your claims. 

Please contact a bicycle accident lawyer immediately for help as you get your bicycle accident claim handled.