A hit and run accident is a frightening and terrible experience for a victim. When drivers flee a scene and leave the victim to fend for themself, they can be prosecuted for their actions. Leaving an accident scene without attempting to check if the victim is okay is a crime. The victim could have serious injuries that require immediate medical attention, and they can die if they are not given aid in time. However, a hit and run accident is still serious regardless of whether a person sustained an injury. Hit and run accidents should be taken seriously, and if you have been a victim of a hit and run you can obtain legal help. A skilled hit and run lawyer be able to get you the quality legal help that you deserve. 

Going through a traumatic experience like a hit and run accident can leave you feeling shaken and confused. As a lawyer would advise, there are several important steps to remember so that you are protected and are prepared to get started on your case.

Call the Police

Immediately call your local police department and report the hit and run incident. Try to provide a description of the driver and vehicle as best as you can. They will take your information and will be on the lookout for the driver within the area. Do not leave the scene and just wait for first responders to come tend to you. 

Receive Medical Attention 

After any type of vehicle accident, you should get a medical evaluation right away. You may be going through shock and could have some injuries that you are not aware of. Getting treated by medical professionals also supports your case in case the insurance company questions your claim and doesn’t believe that you were involved in an accident. 

Collect Evidence 

If you are able to, take photos of the accident scene. Record any damage on the inside and outside of your vehicle. Don’t forget to capture details such as skid marks and anything that was damaged nearby. Take many detailed photos so a lawyer can piece together how the hit and run accident occurred. 

If you have been involved in a hit and run, contact a top hit and run lawyer that residents rely on now if you are in need of legal assistance.