Personal Injury Lawyers Yonker NY

Every day there are hundreds of people who were injured across the United Statesdue to personal injuries, and some of these injuries are actually long-term and will affect the person for the rest of their life. Obviously if you are injured because of somebody else’s fault or negligence, then you deserve compensation from a personal injury lawyer such as the ones available at Greenspan and Greenspan PC can help you with your personal injury case.

Your personal injury lawyer is going to be able to debunk some common myths about personal injury claims, and you should listen to them because going to court because of a myth is not going to do you any good. Obviously you may receive compensation for the injuries you’ve sustained, you might even be reimbursed on your medical bill and lost wages, but you should not go into personal injury claims thinking it is easy money.

Thinking personal injury claims are easy money is a very common myth, and this is because most often you are receiving compensation in some form for your injuries and the pain you’ve undergone. Typical damages that you might receive compensation for our medical costs, whether they are past, present or future; wages that you lost because you could not work due to your injuries; compensation for physical and mental pain; and if you can no longer enjoy life.

But this compensation is not easy money, a lot of these are going to be fixed costs that you have paid out-of-pocket such as your medical bills, wages you have lost, and a lot of this is stuff that you have not only paid out-of-pocket but you are in debt for. So think of this as a reimbursement upon what you’ve paid out-of-pocket, because you paid out-of-pocket for something that was not your choice, and was done to you by someone else whether intentionally or due to their negligence.

You will not earn a paycheck and you are not going to be paid non stop because you were injured, you will will typically receive a lump sum payment that covers all if not most of your injuries and future medical costs or something that has to be taken into account and it will be taken into account in the lump sum settlement you receive.

Another myth says that you can have your personal injury claim filed at any time and this is a very common misconception and can actually destroy your case. This is because as any personal injury lawyer will tell you, you have to a deer to the statute of limitations that each state has set in place and if you do not adhere to the statute of limitations which dictates when and how long you can wait to file your case, then you may not be able to file and you will miss out on potential compensation.

And you should not go into this believing that as a plaintiff you are guaranteed to receive compensation, while it sucks that you were injured in your personal injury lawyer has taken your case, they cannot promise anything. A personal injury lawyer is going to come fight for your case, but even if you are legitimately injured you may not receive anything to work with a an experienced personal injury lawyer on your case today.