Your family law lawyer in Alameda County, CA, such as the ones available at AttorneyBernie.Com, is going to be able to provide you with more information about various parts of divorce. From lawyer fees, to retainer fees, to the court legal proceedings that you may have to go through. They’re going to be able to defend you and help you settle to the best of their ability.

You should also ask your lawyer about alimony in California. Alimony is when you have been divorced and some money in the relationship made a lot more than the other and that person needs time to collect their finances and find a better job or lower cost-of-living. Therefore, one divorce is ordered by the judge to pay money to their ex-spouse each month. However, you might have questions such as does cohabitation have an effect on alimony in California? Your  family law lawyer in Alameda County is going to be able to give you answers. 

Another good thing to wonder about is what do you do if your spouse is lying on your divorce papers. line during divorce is common, because almost everyone lies. But you might be wondering just what spouses lie about during divorce. Your family law lawyer in Alameda County, CA, can help you with this.

Some of the most common things that spouses will lie about during a divorce, are income, assets or the value of those assets, the parents relationship with the children (this is especially true if they are trying to get custody, they may paint the other parent to be a bad parent), child abuse, child neglect, and spousal abuse.

Your next question is probably how do you deal with a spouse who lies. The sad truth of the matter is that most spouses who lie about their income are usually self-employed. A wage earner has no real reason to lie about income because pay stubs tell the story for them.  Your family law lawyer in Alameda County, CA will most likely have to obtain any kind of documentation, questions and answers, admissions of fact, and take the other spouse’s deposition. A deposition is just where your family law lawyer in Alameda County, CA, is going to ask your spouse questions about the topic that is related to your divorce.

 Your lawyer is going to carefully analyze the document that sets forth the income and expenses, such as bank statements, Financial profit-and-loss statements, Ledger’s, accounts receivable and payable and more. Your lawyer may also advise you to hire an accountant to review all Financial records. you may also see that your lawyer is going to host a discovery, which is where they formally request information for your case from the spouse.

Your Alameda County family law lawyer in California is going to be your best bet to settle your divorce and other family issues easily and safely with a spouse you hear lies from.  No matter what your spouse lies about, your lawyers probably dealt with it before.