Car Accident Attorney

When a person suffers a car accident resulting from a negligent party, a car accident attorney may recommend that victims file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. It’s essential to be aware that insurance is an integral part of managing life’s unexpected events, providing a safety net to protect people by providing a safety net to protect us financially from various risks. One of the most common instances where insurance is paramount is a car accident’s aftermath. Ward & Ward Law Firm knows that filing a claim with the insurance company can be daunting at first, but with a clear understanding of the process, a systematic approach, and help from a lawyer, it’s possible to reach a successful outcome. 

Initial Steps After a Car Accident

After a car accident, it’s crucial to ensure that all parties are out of harm’s way and receive the necessary medical attention. Next, if you can, victims should begin documenting the incident and gathering evidence by taking photographs of the accident, including injuries and vehicles involved, gathering driver and eyewitness information, and contacting law enforcement. All information that is gathered will serve as evidence when victims file a claim with the insurance company. 

Consulting with a Lawyer

After seeking medical attention, it may be necessary to engage the services of a lawyer. Choosing a legal professional with experience in representing car accident claims will be critical. They will deeply understand the law in this area and be best equipped to protect your interests. When selecting a lawyer, consider their experience, reputation, and any recommendations or reviews from previous clients.

Notifying the Insurance Company

After documenting the accident scene and choosing a lawyer, the next step will be to notify the at-fault driver’s insurance company. While this is a crucial step, victims should proceed with caution to ensure they do not say anything that could damage their case. It will be essential to have clear and concise information about the accident. A lawyer can play an important role by taking the lead and communicating with the insurance company, using their knowledge to navigate any potential pitfalls. They will present the collected evidence and work to demonstrate the other driver’s liability.

Working With a Claims Adjuster

In most cases, the lawyer representing the victim will submit a demand letter that outlines the accident and the damages to the insurance company. Once received, the insurance company will assign a claims adjuster to the case. Their job is to assess the accident and determine how much the insurance company should pay. With a lawyer on your side, they can ensure that the adjuster gets all the necessary information without infringing on your rights. Your lawyer will also work to prevent any attempts to minimize your claim.

Insurance Company Negotiations

The insurance adjuster will review the case, deny the claim, or offer a settlement. In most cases, the settlement offer from the insurance company will be much lower than expected. Keep in mind that this is only the beginning of negotiations. A lawyer will work to maximize the settlement so victims receive the compensation they are entitled to. 

Filing a claim with the insurance company after a car accident can be incredibly overwhelming and complex, a process that can be especially difficult while recovering from injuries. It is vital to have a basic understanding of the steps involved in the process to ensure proper action is taken to strengthen and safeguard the insurance claim.