How To Determine the Value of Your Pedestrian Accident Case

Pedestrians are at an increased risk for catastrophic injuries or death as they navigate the roads on foot. NPR reports that pedestrian deaths were at an all-time high in 2018, climbing over four percent from the previous year, with thousands more injured. If you were involved in such an accident, you may wonder about the value of your case and whether it is viable. Fortunately, there are several ways you can determine this.

Speak to an Attorney 

While you might be able to access case value generators online, these usually provide you with an estimated figure. Visiting an attorney about your case may give you a better idea about the worth of your case based on a variety of facts, including:

  • The degree of negligence 
  • The extent of your injuries 
  • Economic and non-economic losses 

Your attorney can also advise you about state laws related to pedestrian injury, including whether your case may be affected by injury value limitations since these can vary widely from area to area.

Review Your Medical Bills 

If you visited more than one hospital or doctor to have your injuries treated, you may want to take time to organize and review the cost of each. Medical costs often make up a large portion of this type of personal injury, as being struck as a pedestrian can result in massive injuries. You may want to ask your physician or clinic for a detailed report of your injuries to make reviewing costs simpler.

Consider the Circumstances 

The circumstances of your pedestrian injury case may affect its value, especially when you consider the degree of fault involved for both yourself and the driver of the vehicle. For example, if you crossed the street away from a crosswalk but the driver was speeding when he or she hit you, a judge may determine you are both at fault. As a result, you may only be able to collect on a percentage of the amount you seek.

Understand Recovery Prospects 

If you were permanently injured in a pedestrian accident, the total value of your case may increase. You might be able to add costs for physical therapy and other services you require in the future. If your permanent injuries have left you unable to work, you may also be able to add the value of future lost wages to your case.

Estimating the value of your pedestrian accident can be puzzling, but there is help available. Contact a personal injury lawyer, today for advice, assistance and to schedule an initial consultation.