Dog Bite Lawyer

You may have already come to the conclusion that you need to discuss your case with a trusted dog bite lawyer. In the wake of a traumatic dog bite injury, the accompanying stress and physical pain can make it difficult to think about the potential ramifications. This can be especially true if it was your child who was attacked and injured by a dog. It can be a very scary time for the whole family. However, it’s important to explore one’s legal options when considering medical treatment choices for your loved one. Lawyers offer consultations to those who have suffered a serious dog bite due to the owner’s negligence. After a case review by a dog bite lawyer, you will know if they may be able to recover your damages from the dog’s owner or their insurance company.

Assess Your Damages

One of the most important considerations when determining whether or not it’s time to hire a dog bite lawyer is the amount of damages you’ve suffered. In cases where the victim sustained a minor injury that required little to no medical attention, it may not make sense to hire a dog bite lawyer. But when someone sustains a serious or fatal injury, a dog bite lawyer can make all the difference between getting little or no compensation to receiving maximum compensation for the victim’s damages. This is significant when the victim requires one or more surgeries, if they lost a limb in the dog attack, or they are emotionally traumatized and unable to hold a job. The more costly the damages, the more important it is to hire a seasoned lawyer who has experience handling cases involving a serious dog bite. A dog bite lawyer has a thorough understanding of personal injury laws, medical complications, and recognized values assessed for injuries.

Determine Liability

You may or may not know the owner of the dog that attacked you. But even if you know the owner, they may deny that it was their dog that bit you or your child. Once the extent of your damages becomes obvious, it is all the more likely that they will deny that they are liable. A dog bite lawyer is familiar with this scenario. If the dog’s owner is refusing to take responsibility for their animal’s actions, a lawyer may be able to help establish and prove that they are liable for your damages. In addition, if they deny your claim, our dog bite lawyer is a successful litigator and will be prepared to follow up with a lawsuit if the liable party does not offer a fair settlement to you.