When someone passes away unexpectedly as the result of another person or company acting in a negligent way, the surviving family members deserve help paying for injury, illness, funeral costs and more. In some extremely negligent situations, there are other punitive damages that can be collected as well. When it comes down to the amount you may receive in compensation, how does it compare to attorney fees, and is it worth the cost?

How Attorneys Charge

In many situations, a wrongful death attorney charges a contingency fee. What this means is their payment is contingent upon winning the case. If the case is won, the attorney will collect the fee. If the case is not won, you will not pay the attorney anything. Though contingency fees vary from lawyer to lawyer, many stick within 10% to 50% of the damages.

Another way a lawyer might charge is at an hourly rate. Every hour that attorney spends on your case will be added up and you will have to pay for all of it, regardless of whether or not the case is won. Most lawyers work on contingency, but this is another option, so be sure to speak with the lawyers who may potentially represent you so you understand exactly how they charge.

Other Expenses

There are other expenses that will need to be paid, but again you should speak with any potential attorneys to understand how they charge for each service. Aside from legal representation and time, you may be required to pay for filing the complaint, summons and other documentation. You may be paying for research and investigations. Materials, paperwork, office work and case preparation could also be yours to pay for. Does your attorney have to travel? You could be putting him or her up in a hotel.

The Worth of an Attorney

As you can see, there are some big costs associated with bringing a wrongful death lawsuit, but there is so much more worth to hiring an attorney than what’s on the surface. Sure you want to receive a large payout, and when you consider contingency fees, hourly rates and additional expenses, you may wonder what will be left. On the other hand, if you don’t have an attorney to help you fight the case, you may not win the case at all, leaving you with nothing. Hiring an attorney often gives you a better chance at winning, a better chance at bringing home compensation and a better chance at making an example out of the defendant.

Contact Your Attorney Today

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